Throughout history lanyards have been used as accessory for electronics, badge holder, identification holder, safety straps and uniform accessories.

So, what are lanyards?

It’s quite simple – Lanyard pertains to a short length of rope or strap to be wore around the neck, shoulder, or wrist for holding IDs, knife, pistol, keys or a small thing that needs to be secured.

Let us take a look at how it started.

Lanyards take us back to the 15th century France. It came from the word “Lanier” which means a thong or strap apparatus. In the military of France it was used as a safety strap to their pistol, even their sword and whistle to prevent it from falling during battle. While the British military uses lanyard to held a key for switches of explosive shells. Presently, the military uses Lanyards on their uniform with various braids and colors to signify their position.

As time goes by, Lanyard’s use evolved in many forms, it became a holder for electronic devices such as cell phones, cameras and recorder. It was also used as a safety strap and an ID or badge holder.

Nowadays, Lanyards are commonly used as badge or identification holder. In businesses, corporations, hospitals, conventions, trade fairs and schools.

Such straps are made of braided or woven fabric with a hook at the end to hold your ID’s or badges. These type of lanyard often has logos or identification of the company or institution where it belonged to.

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Custom Lanyards: Its useslandyard

1.If you want to show that you care for your staff and at the same time wants to show your brand, customizing lanyards is the best way to do it. Whether you will use it to hold IDs, membership cards, keys or even the smallest thing that you can’t live without, our lanyards will give you full satisfaction.

2.Lanyards are also good as souvenirs for trade fairs and conferences.
Are you looking for stylish that won’t look cheap yet affordable way to advertise your brand and distribute giveaway item to conference attendees, why not give them customized lanyards? From ID or badge lanyards, key ring, electronics devices lanyards or any style that you want, name it and we, at wholesale lanyards will make it for you. It’s a win-win, you have given a useful lanyard and at the same time they will remember your brand name and logo every time they use your lanyard.

Wholesale lanyards: Its products

Whatever your lanyard needs, wholesale lanyards has you covered. No fuss just trust us and we will make you a lanyard that will make your brand and logo stick to your clients minds and will make things attached to their lanyards secure all the time.
1. Polyester lanyards- commonly used lanyard because of its durability and affordable price.
2. Badge holders- plastic badge holders in vertical or horizontal form to suit your card requirements.
3. Tubular lanyards- the most economical lanyard style which is crafted from tube-stitched polyester.
4. Woven lanyards-the elegance of this lanyard gives out its beauty. This lanyard is best used for logo and name embroidery.
5. Nylon lanyards-This lanyard is made of high quality nylon materials and is best used for silk screen printing.
6. Dye sublimated lanyards- Need a durable lanyard with the brand name and logo to stick with forever, this lanyard is for you.
7. Dye sublimated lanyard attachments- From bulldog clip, key ring, thumb hook, plastic hook, swivel hook, cell phone loop, oval hook, no swivel hook, thumb trigger, carabineer hook, name it and we have it.

Prices of our lanyards ranged from $.50 to $2.65 dollars each fully customized. The price depends on the materials to be used, the thickness, hook to be attached and the volume of order. We also offer free shipping to the continental United States of America.

All lanyards fit for item holders but some standout from the others as to purpose. Nylon, woven and dye sublimated lanyards due to their durability are best to hold electronic devices and other heavy items while tubular lanyards and polyester lanyards are best for light items such as IDs and keys.

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Men and women can wear rubber wristbands. These are made up of thick and stretchable loops of rubber. They are easy to wear on wrists and at the same time, do not break easily – thanks to their elastic and durable properties. They are also resistant to water so washing and getting wet is never a problem. Apart from significant events, people wear and use rubber bracelets for a specific purpose. In this article we’ve prepared for you, we’ll talk about the different purpose of wearing them:

1.    Promotional advertisements :

Rubber wristbandsIn the corporate world, organizations use rubber wristbands to promote various types of services and products. Whether it’s about advertising an upcoming concert, a new internet service, a telecom promo, a new blend of pasta or a public service message, a lot of organizations found that these items serve as a great medium to make target people aware of what the current offerings are.

There are two things to consider why these wristbands are useful for promoting advertisements – convenience and affordability. It’s very easy to manufacture them at extremely cheap costs. They are considered as a useful and more effective advertising medium.

2.    Fashion :

Trends in fashion have changed over the years and right now, rubber wristbands are considered as a popular item in this industry – but how? People can chose from a wide selection of colors that can match their outfits and moods. A lot of designs are available in the market at a low cost which makes it easy for people to collect a lot of them.  Not to mention, they can also request for customized ones in order to have a more fashionable style.

3.    Sports :

It was Lance Armstrong, a champion cyclist, who started the idea of wearing rubber wristbands in the sporting arena apart from using them for charitable purposes. Colors represent specific members of a sports team so that spectators and officials can easily distinguish them from the others.

4.    Charity :

With the help wearing rubber bracelets in 2004, Lance Armstrong was able to gather funds and donations for his cancer foundation. They became even more popular in charity works when the influential Oprah Winfrey invited Lance Armstrong to guest on her show and urged the audience to order wristbands. After that, blue-colored wristbands with a “Beat Bullying” message are introduced by BBC Radio One.

5.    Love :

Aside from chocolates and flowers, these rubber wristbands can also be used by couples to express their love for each other. In love, red symbolizes the color of passion and the surface of these wristbands is ideal for imprinting love messages.

6.    Raising awareness :

Another reason why rubber bracelets are worn is to raise awareness on certain issues such as the LGBT, environment and HIV/AIDS. Each awareness issue is represented by a specific bracelet color known to many: pink for LGBT, green for the environment and red for HIV.

How much should be spent on purchasing them?

Rubber wristbands are cheap yet effective that’s why a lot of companies invest on having these items. For them, it’s much cheaper to invest on these items for advertising than rolling out their ads in newspaper and television. How much should really spent on buying them and are they worth the penny?

For start-up companies, an ideal marketing strategy is to order 50 custom wristbands and give them away to the first 50 people who will buy a certain product. Even if there is a limited supply of these bracelets as a promotional item, those customers will still meet other people every day and if others see them wearing the wristbands, then this can lead to an instant popularity boost. Demands for more supply of the product and its promotional item will come in no time,, allocate the expenses and never invest most of the money on purchasing wristbands.

One wristband costs about less than $1 so it will be a good idea to start with 50 pieces of it for now. As demands increase, then that’s the only time to make it 100 pieces next time.

While there’s no exact number of rubber wristbands that should be given away, it’s always essential to go for wise spending first. Allocate the expenses and never invest most of the money on purchasing wristbands. It always pays off to start giving away small pieces first and see how the target market will respond to it. As we always say – once it became successful, then that’s the time to buy more and innovate with the design of rubber bracelets.


This simple truth exists: this is a generation that is so agog with high tech devices that the significance of everyday tools is not noticed anymore. People become used to automated stuff that some of the most common tools are no longer appreciated. Among these tools are the neck lanyards.

These neck lanyards are probably among the most useful yet the most overlook office stuff. They are great for marketing and advertisement. For companies that are looking for new ways to promote their brand name, lanyards would be the best marketing tools.


Plain-LanyardsFor those not in the know, the word “lanyard” was a naval term a line that is used to tie or attach certain items in the ship. It was during the 19th century that the word was used to refer to a cord worn on the shoulder to carry a whistle or a knife. Today, from a tool for travel, lanyards have become a reliable and handy office tool (or accessory).

Uses of Neck Lanyards

Lanyards are normally used to secure ID cards and name tags. For some, they also attach cellular phones, keys, and other small items that are often misplaced. They are also used as promotional materials and giveaways in seminars, trade shows, job fairs, and launching events, among others.

They are highly customizable, so any kind of logo, name, and even motivating texts can be printed.

Most of the big companies issue digital ID cards for added security and the lanyards are perfect to keep these digital IDs protected and serve their purpose in the best way possible.

Durable Materials

These lanyards are made from a wide variety of materials. There are lanyards that are made from imprinted polyester, woven polyester, imprinted nylon, cotton, and silk. The woven lanyards are considered to be the most durable of all the materials, and highly customizable, too. They are also the most preferred by companies because of their durability, versatility, and easy availability.

Benefits of Customized Lanyards

1.Affordable- Neck lanyards are affordable and practical, which makes them ideal for small business that can’t afford big marketing campaigns. They can be purchased in bulk, which is cheaper, and the company doesn’t have to frequently purchase.

2.Trendy- Most modern lanyards come in a variety of designs and catchy vibrant colors. Any company would be able to find a design and color that would suit their products and satisfy their requirements.

3.Excellent printing- Custom printed lanyards have enough space for all your needs. Logos and slogans can even be imprinted.

4.Ample exposure- Since lanyards are worn around the neck, your company’s logo are seen by a lot of people, giving your brand name a great deal of promotional coverage. It works without having to force your audience to remember your product or brand name. You reach a wider audience with these lanyards without shelling out a lot of money for marketing.

Tips before Purchasing Neck Lanyards

1.If your office decides to try lanyards for marketing purposes, take a look at the following tips to help you get started:

2. Consider your budget – Plan and determine how much the allotted budget for buying lanyards is. Consider how many lanyards the office needs and for what particular purpose.

3. Wisely choose the design – With a variety of choices in styles, designs, and colors, it could be overwhelming. Make sure you consider your company logo and the business you are in when choosing the designs.

4.Purchase in bulk – Manufacturers offer huge price drops when purchasing in large quantities. This will also save you time and effort.

5.Ask suppliers for samples – It is important that you ask for samples of the “finished product”. This allows you to see if the chosen design works.

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