Men in the military service are not known for showing deep emotions or being touchy-feely in expressing their appreciation to their unit, they use custom military coins instead. You won’t see them doing gestures that most people do when they are happy and grateful for the things that someone gave or did to them. Their unit important to them, and they share a bond that can never be broken. Their challenge coins are proof that they are one.

What Military Coins Are Not

Military coins are not currency that can be used to purchase a favor. Different branches of the military use them in different ways. Even the different units use them differently. Each unit has a unique coin design that is especially created for a particular unit. Every time they have a coin check, they can identify if a particular military man belongs to their unit.

The men in uniform treasure their respective coin because it serves as proof of their affiliation to the unit they are proud of. The coins are also given to show gratitude and appreciation to each member of the unit. It is also used to symbolize deep connection.

Challenge Coin

The custom military coins are not like the regular coins. They are larger than regular coins and come in different sizes and shapes, but they need to fit in the palm of a hand. Most military coins also retain the more formal round shape. Even the former presidents and current president of the United States have their own collection of the coins.

Businessmen, organizations, clubs, and other groups are now using custom coins not in the same way that military men use them. The coins of the said groups, not related to the military or have anything to do with the military, are minted for a more personal reasons. They use their custom coins as promotional items, instruments to spread awareness, tools to attract potential clients, and others.

The Noble Man And His Coin

Within the military is a thing called a secret handshake wherein a military coin is passed to the recipient. The coin giver usually puts the coin in his palm and reaches out to shake the hand of the receiver.

When they hands clasp, the giver turn the handshake over to let the coin to fall in the palm of the receiver. The receiver usually conceals it from the prying eyes, especially if the giver is someone who holds a high rank or power.

The custom coin given in a secret handshake symbolizes the recognition that the giver bestows the recipient. The giver could be someone in the military or someone who holds a higher power. The giver could give as many coins to different member of the military through secret handshake.

Military men honor their custom military coins, they protect the coins as if they are protecting their band of brothers. No one will witness such high regard for what others might see as mere coins – for the military men the coin is their identity. It sets them apart from mediocre men and distinguishes them from other units. No one would be able to give such amount of respect for a mere challenge coin than military men, something that other group that uses the coins differently might find difficult to comprehend.

The custom military coins bear much significance in the lives of men and women in the military. Don’t be surprised when a military suddenly appears so worried for his custom coin when he lost it. It’s not a talisman or something he could trade for a favor. It is not something that he could exchange for an extravagant life. But, it is one of his prized possessions that he won’t let go until the day the earth finally claims his weary body and put it to rest for all eternity.

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