GW-501516 is an investigational drug for the possible treatment of heart diseases, diabetes, dyslipidemia and obesity. Currently, laboratory experts can buy gw-501516 as a research compound as it is legitimate for clinical experiments only. The law strictly prohibits use of this drug in humans and animals alike.


It was in 1992 during a joint research between GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and Ligand Pharmaceuticals when they found out about the drug. The laboratory study began in 2000 to discover the potential benefits of the drug for treating hyperlipidemia. GSK finished the two-phase laboratory trial, but discontinued further research in 2007.

Ronald Evans of the Salk Institute became interested in developing a drug which can significantly increase the physical stamina in humans. He started his research in 2004 when he bought a sample of the gw-501516. He instilled a higher dose in mice and resulted in their increase endurance.

Drug Use in Sports

EndurobolRonald Evans foresees athletes possibly using the drug to enhance performance. The drug is popular as Endurobol and proliferates in the online market. Because GSK has published the chemical components of this drug, manufacturers took advantage of copying it and distributing it online. Retailers entice athletes to use this unauthorized drug for its capacity to intensify the endurance. Drug consumers believe that it burns fat and builds up muscles.

In 2009, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) listed the drug under the prohibited category. GSK agreed with WADA in 2011 to provide classified information about drugs in pre-clinical phase that it has potential to be abused by athletes.

Reports show that GW-501516 is available in unregulated markets for athletes and bodybuilders. WADA disclosed that there were sports players who tested positive for the drug in 2013. Valery Kaykov, a cyclist from Russia is the first athlete sanctioned in April 2013 due to illegal use of the substance. A month later, Miguel Ubeto of Venezuela received a suspension as a penalty for the same case. Another rider associated with the use of this banned chemical is Marlon Perez from Colombia.

WADA issued a warning not to buy gw-501516 in 2013 due to the drug’s carcinogenic effect. The announcement is not due to recent updates on clinical studies, but because of the alarming increase of users despite its prohibited status. They would like to ensure that the public receives the necessary precaution about the effects of GW-501516.

Laboratory Studies

Although sports ban this drug, it is legal to use in biomedical studies. Scientists and laboratories can buy gw-501516 at reputable online providers. At present, there are more than 200 studies of this drug to check for its benefits. The focus of the research is not on its bodybuilding effects, but on its therapeutic advantage.

The laboratory results in 2004 disclose that it has significantly decreased obesity. It was also on trial for increasing good cholesterol for dyslipidemia.  However, the toxic side-effect of the drug prompted withdrawal of GSK from continued trials. Research reveals that the rats subjected to this drug, developed multiple organ tumor. Affected organs involve the tongue, thyroid, stomach, bladder, liver, ovaries, womb, testes and skin. With its current category as an experimental drug, humans should not buy gw-501516 to avoid putting their health in danger. To date, it has no approval as a therapeutic drug.

Australia conducted research in 2008 to evaluate the efficiency of the drug against high levels of blood cholesterol in obese and insulin resistant patients. The result shows no adverse side effects on the muscles and liver.

Clinical experiments on humans that started since 2003 have not exhibited any adverse reactions yet. This is possibly due to the short duration of exposure and very low dosage introduced to humans.